Here at Innovation Fire & Security, we believe that providing ongoing support is the foundations for a lasting relationship. For telephone support we provide all customers with access to the following number to ensure you that you receive the best level of ongoing support.
Support Line: 0843 289 8658 | Email: support@innovationfs.co.uk

Email us at info@innovationfs.co.uk, We will amend the details for you; or change your details in our Online Client Log-In section.

It depends on whether it's monitored or not – Not monitored - the alarm rings outside for 15 minutes and if no one attends the strobe continues to flash until someone attends and enters a valid code. If monitored, the keyholders are contacted and if the alarm is "confirmed" then the police are also contacted. In both cases, the alarm will re-arm, to protect the premises after about 3 minutes.

The person discovering the alarm needs to investigate to see if they can see the cause of the alarm, if they know the reason, they can call us and we will reset the alarm over the phone for no additional charge. If it is "cause unknown" or a faulty device, then the engineer will need to attend to investigate and repair the system

No, but if you have too many, they will refuse to attend and may ask you to modify the system to meet current standards, which will be at an additional cost.

The battery will support the alarm for at least 8 hours – for existing systems (new systems at least12 hours). It will not activate, but if the system has an event log, it will note the time the mains failed and the time it came back on again.

Not if you know the reason for the alarm, and it is not due to a faulty component

They are people who have keys and the alarm code for your system. They are called in the event of the alarm activating. You need at least 2 keyholders, although you can be a keyholder on your mobile phone number. They need to have their own transport and relatively close by. Some people prefer to use a Keyholding Company who will attend on your behalf, for a fee.

To attend if required, knowing the layout of the premises and being able to check it is secure. To ensure the system is set when they leave, or wait for the engineer to attend if the system cannot be reset

If you are a keyholder, you need to let us know who will be taking your place. You need to do this in good time (at least 3 working days notice) Email info@innovationfs.co.uk or call us 0843 289 8658

Sometimes this can be an issue – the installing engineer will fit a filter – usually required if you have broadband, but the survey will normally determine any special requirements.

Yes unless you fit "pet friendly" sensors, or "zone" the alarm to switch off certain sensors in specific areas. You can upgrade standard sensors to be pet friendly ones.

If you have a digital communicator, the fact that the line is cut, will be logged in the event log, but it will not notify anyone. Redcare and Redcare GSM are the only products we use, that will notify you of a line fault

Most of our monitored customers chose monitoring because they want the peace of mind of knowing that 24/7 if something happens to the alarm, they are going to be informed. Bells only systems cannot give you this level of re-assurance. Sometimes Insurers specify monitoring, and will often give you a discount if your alarm is monitored, so you need to check you are adequately covered if you only want a bells only system.

As long as you are on a maintenance contract, 24/7 you can call us and an engineer will call you to discuss the problem. If necessary, he will attend within 4 hours.

Yes, we design systems with some "future proofing". Most systems either have spare zones or the facility to add more if required. We install quality systems that may cost a little more, but it means they can be adapted if necessary.


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